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2024 Affiliated Organization - Tri Kappa, Psi Iota Xi, Woman's Department Club

2024 Affiliated Organization - Tri Kappa, Psi Iota Xi, Woman's Department Club

$ 85.00


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For those groups that want to support the arts in Indiana, the Hoosier Salon offers a special Affiliated Organization membership. 

TRI-KAPPA, PSI IOTA XI and the WOMAN'S DEPARTMENT CLUB OF INDIANAPOLIS are offered a special rate to honor our longstanding partnership with those groups.

Kappa, Kappa, Kappa Sorority of Indiana gave its first prize in the Hoosier Salon of 1928 starting its longstanding partnership with the artists of Indiana.

The Woman's Department Club of Indianapolis started its support of the Hoosier Salon in 1937 - the year the salon's annual exhibition relocated from Chicago, Illinois to downtown Indianapolis.

When you become a supporter you join a statewide artists services organization. All levels of support are recognized in the Annual Exhibition and on the organization's website. Listed below are the specific benefits an Affiliated Organization membership:

  • Free or discounted admission to the Annual Exhibition and other Hoosier Salon events.
  • Discount on Hoosier Salon sponsored workshops.
  • 5% discount on purchases of original art from the Hoosier Salon.
  • Opportunity to host an event or meeting at one of the Hoosier Salon galleries: New Harmony or the Stutz.                                                                        
  • Organization or Company logo on the Hoosier Salon website: www.hoosiersalon.org
  • Listing as a supporter of the Hoosier Salon in the annual exhibition catalog.
  • E-blasts, invitations and other notifications about events, exhibits, classes, and programs presented by the Hoosier Salon or our partners.
  • Discount on advertising with the Hoosier Salon.
  • Opportunities to offer promotional materials to artist members.