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Studio Watercolor Workshop by Spencer Meagher

Studio Watercolor Workshop by Spencer Meagher

$ 200.00

January 11 - 12, 2019 / 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Class structure is appropriate for ALL skill levels.

General Class Structure: Students will learn as the Spencer demonstrates a variety of techniques for applying paint to paper. The class will focus on various components and aspects of painting watercolors, i.e. differences in brushes, papers, paint quality, as well as application techniques including washes, splattering, dropping and pouring and dry brushing. When, where and how to appropriately use each tool and technique. 

Each day typically begin with brush exercises designed to get students familiar with color mixing and the fluidity of watercolor. Exercises may include making color charts using select colors. Learning various approaches to gradient washes both single color and two-color gradients. Other exercises may include value studies, both monochromatic and duo-chromatic. As students become comfortable with these exercises we will transition to painting quarter sheet watercolors utilizing previous exercises. Spencer demonstrates each phase of developing a painting. Students will replicate each step on their own painting. Some classes allow students to design and paint their own watercolors from either reference photographs, studies or life.

Students should bring ample paper (2-3 full sheets or watercolor block) for exercise and be prepared to paint as many as two (2) 11x15” paintings each day over the course of the workshop.

Come prepared to have a great time!