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Tina Garrett - "Portraiture Starting Methods for Beginners Workshop"

Tina Garrett - "Portraiture Starting Methods for Beginners Workshop"

$ 600.00

April 29-May 2 / 4-Day Portrait From Life Workshop / 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. CT

Tina Garrett - "Portraiture Starting Methods for Beginners Workshop"


New Harmony Gallery / 507 Church Street / 812-682-3970

Medium: Oil

Level: All Levels welcome.


Portraiture Starting Methods For Beginners Workshop 

Learn to see and simplify values, create form, and understand edges and chroma to control your composition and create dramatic portraiture. Tina will teach you how to organize your palette to mix realistic colors, values, and temperatures for different skin types and how two easy strategies to achieve an accurate likeness in your portraiture. 

Tina will demonstrate three oil painting starting methods including open grisaille, accurate color wash and Tina’s favorite, selective start. 

Each morning Tina will demonstrate and lecture. Each afternoon, Tina will work one-on-one with every artist as they paint from the live model. Tina’s goal is to be as generous with her knowledge as possible, walking each student through the concepts so when artists leave her workshops they are able to take their own painting to new heights. All levels welcome!

Visit:  www.tinagarrett.com