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Douglas David Workshop "Painting Fresh Cut Peonies"

Douglas David Workshop "Painting Fresh Cut Peonies"

$ 525.00

3 - Day Workshop 


New Harmony Gallery / 507 Church Street / 812-682-3970

May 14-16, 2024

9:00am - 4:00pm

Fee:   $475 for members;  $525 for non-members

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Historic Peonies fresh cut from the farm in New Harmony! Class will cover the basic principles of oil painting with regard to painting Peonies. Dynamic compositions with arrangements that are elegant and sophisticated, casual and relaxed while all keeping a bold direction will be the focus for this 3 day workshop. Includes interesting and memorable discussions on composition, massing, building form, light and shadow: and depending on your own style, knowing when a work is finished (learning how to not overwork your painting). Douglas delivers sound principles of painting that are an incredible foundation for your painting, whether a beginner or seasoned professional. After the brief morning intro, a very hands-on approach to the class, gets students mixing colors and preparing to paint. Students will work in their own style/technique so that the finished work is their own. Douglas will overview his palette and concepts that his work entails. Students will mix paints and learn to mix basic strings of color to help comprehend how this preparation makes the painting process a little simpler and gets a working understanding of the value/strings of color. Students will work from fresh still life arrangements from Peonies freshly cut from the Historic Peony Farm in New Harmony. Arrangement, draping, vessels and lighting will be an exciting part of this workshop. An incredible 3 day hands on painting experience will yield a good number of paintings and a logical thought process in a fun yet focused atmosphere to help you guide your future study. Your paintings can be as complicated or as simple as needed. Demos and individual discussions/instruction will help each student to start to begin to reach the preliminary goals they are striving to meet. Plan to produce several paintings in the 3 day workshop. Plan to bring notebook/ CLASS DESCRIPTION sketchbook and enjoy some demos along with some great stories to help you remember the principles that are the foundation of Douglas’ teaching.