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Jed Dorsey - "Acrylic Like a Boss"

Jed Dorsey - "Acrylic Like a Boss"

$ 500.00

April 29 - May 2 / 4-Day Plein Air Workshop / 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Jed Dorsey “Acrylic Like a Boss”


New Harmony Gallery / 507 Church Street / 812-682-3970

Medium:  Acrylic 

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

Description: Learn to create beautiful, vibrant paintings in this versatile medium. Covering the basics of design, composition, values, color & brushwork while looking at all of it through the unique lens of acrylics, we will have a wonderful time together. Oil painters are welcome to join, but no toxic solvents are allowed.

"Acrylics are fast. So is a Lamborghini. Some people fear speed, and that's okay. Not just anyone can drive a race car." - Jed Dorsey


Jed Dorsey is an urban and rural landscape painter working primarily in acrylics. He uses bold color and strong design to share his vision of the world. A 4th generation artist, his greatest artistic encouragement has always come from his family, but he has also been privileged to study under amazing artists such as Mike Svob, Ovanes Berberian, John Michael Carter, as well as the late Robert Genn. 

Visit: www.jeddorseyart.com