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William A. Schneider /Head and Hands Oil and Pastel Workshop

William A. Schneider /Head and Hands Oil and Pastel Workshop

$ 550.00

Expressive Heads and Hands
Oil and Pastel Workshop by William A. Schneider AISM, OPA, PSA

October 17-20, 9 am to 4 pm
New Harmony Gallery / 507 Church Street, Indiana / (812) 618-5710

Cost: $550

According to Norman Rockwell, “The viewer will forgive anything…except heads and hands.” The drawing (gesture and proportion) of these two important areas must be spot on or the viewer will regard the work as amateurish. Painting a convincing head is hard enough but the hand with its 27 bones and complex soft tissue gives most artists fits! If you can nail those two areas without getting overly tight you will have made the leap!

Most artists admire the expressive, suggestive brushwork of masters like Nicolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent, and Anders Zorn. But understanding how they achieved those effects is another matter. In most cases it’s not what they put in, but rather what they chose to leave out.

This four-day oil and pastel workshop is for artists who are intermediate or higher. You will learn:

  • A technique to create Fechin’s broken edge effects
  • The structure and gesture of the hand
  • How to simplify
  • The key to masterful edge control
  • Power through suggestion
  • The key to color harmony
  • How to turn the form with temperature

William will demonstrate in both oil and pastel (a complete head and hand study as well as several “mini-demos” – painting eyes, painting the mouth etc. Included in their tuition students will receive a copy of The book of 100 Hands, by George Bridgeman (anatomy teacher at the Art Students League for 45 years).  This workshop will turbo-charge your understanding of drawing, value, color temperature, edge control and above all – how to loosen up! 

This workshop is designed to help you make the leap to a much higher skill level!

For more information visit William Schneider's website.